Kukkarahalli Tank paints a sad picture

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Last Updated : 22 January 2011, 16:40 IST
Last Updated : 22 January 2011, 16:40 IST

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Now it is a thriving spot both for tourists and residents who visit it regularly in great numbers.

It has literally been transformed into a carnival area and has many attractions like laser show, a hot balloon ride  which hovers around the lake carrying  people around so that they can have a birds eye view of the city, boating and piped music.

It is also an area where Tatas hold music festivals  every year and has facility for social gathering in groups for any function. It is tastefully decorated and lighted and is good for enchanting walk.

I was tempted to refer to this lake for my mind travelled back to Kukkarhalli Tank and felt sad how it is languishing in utter neglect despite lot of talk on planning  to revive its grandeur. It was improved by investing ` 91 lakh under ADB  funding. The is called the jewel of Mysore.

Of course Kankaria lake is many time bigger and that is exactly the disappointment for it appears neither the University of Mysore under which it falls nor the city fathers have thought fit to make Kukkarhalli Tank attractive tourist spot.

Unlike Kankaria lake, it has lot of trees and birds come to roost and has an enchanting unobstructed view of rising and setting sun while during full moon days it must be really grand.

Chamundi Hills present an attractive background. But the reality is otherwise.

The festering sewage flow emanating obnoxious smell is a perennial nuisance which has never been stopped for years while the citizens are assured of action. The water surface is dirty green with thick layer of rotting algae.

The seating arrangement is pathetic and the concerned authorities seem indifferent  to replace even broken benches.

Why even a simple precaution to raise their height despite complaints remains unattended. The indication of distance on Km stones have been erased  
Everywhere it presents a scene of utter neglect and the only time it receives some attention is during Dasara and soon after it reverts to its neglected maintenance.

This neglect is also due to the citizens' indifference and lack of protest and they seem content to walk around with philosophical indifference.

Have the authorities no pride or passion to look after this magnificent gift of nature? There are four other lakes inside the city which are unique and periodically reports of encroachment and neglect of it environs appear.

It is time our energetic and young Deputy Commissioner to take personal interest in restoring  the grandeur of our lakes. For this to happen requires creation of a separate 'Lake Authority'. 

(The author is an activist of Mysore Grahakara Parishat).

Published 22 January 2011, 16:36 IST

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