Village goes socially online

Village goes socially online


But they have something unique, which could be the envy of others. They have a website to stay in touch with the happenings in their village from thousands of kilometres away.The website, a brainchild of retired textile engineer Vijay Patel,  enables the people to keep themselves updated about the developments in the village.

Patel told Deccan Herald:  “In the website, we have uploaded the details of the village, including infrastructure. It is updated regularly with the latest happenings and events.”
Patel said those staying abroad can also upload the events and send news about developments to their relatives. “Events like development in the existing library or a death in the village and funeral details will be put on the website for those settled outside,” he said.

The website has details of the village, agriculture pattern, caste composition and the village administration set-up.  Besides, the website lists the phone numbers of all the residents with their exact addresses, including the by-lanes and the closest landmarks. The site also contains the details of the office-bearers of the village panchayat.  And there is a separate section for the diaspora, which is useful for those settled abroad and looking for help in those countries.

It has a section for the NRIs trying to find their roots in the village. All they need to do is simply type the name and the details pop up. Patel said that suggestions were welcome for the development of the village. There was a forum for discussions and villagers debate on the ideas given for the development of the village.

Patel said 15 households have broadband connection and a large number of youngsters have latest mobile phones. It was not difficult for them to access the website. Patel, who is also maintaining the website, feels that it was his service to the village.