Be 'law literate', says judge

Be 'law literate', says judge

One should protest disparity; approach law for honest efforts

He was addressing a gathering at a legal awareness camp organised under the auspices of Ashodaya Samithi here on Thursday.

Dignified life

In what could help sex workers come out of the stigma, the judge said that the society should change its perspective towards sex workers. They are entitled to equal opportunities and dignified life, just as others in the society live. Sex workers should not feel lost, but develop strength from within, to face the situations.

Reverting to the legal aspects, the judge said that the rules are framed for the benefit of all. However, it’s only a section of people who dare to swim against the tide. Such people will be tried under the banner of law. And, it’s only the knowledge about law that could come to others rescue.

Chief Civil Judge C R Raja Somashekar said, according to the Indian Constitution, all are equal and are equally vested with right to live. One should protest disparity or else it would allow space for other problems to creep up. Most of the people are fighting some battle or the other; but are unaware of finding solutions. Instead of brooding over it, they should approach law and honest efforts would be made to tackle it, the chief civil judge promised.

Ashodaya Samithi Secretary Gowramma, Programme Director Lakshmi, Director Akram Pasha, Adarsha Samithi Secretary Prakash and Ashraya Samithi Secretary Nagarathna were present.