It's 'Highway' for heavenly food!

It's 'Highway' for heavenly food!

Gourmet delight

There is something strangely attractive about Highway 18. Situated on Vijaynagar - Hunsur road, this place is a melting pot of people from different age groups. This is perhaps one of those rare places where you not only get different cuisines in the tastiest form; and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Being a little away from the city, has only helped Highway plan its space and give food lovers what they need the most. Lots of open space, sparse seating — just enough to carry out private conversations — and excellent food at affordable prices. Where else can you get south Indian meals with super-duper sambar and tangy rasam, and northern Dal Khichdi cooked to perfection?

Though just a six months old, Highway 18 seems to have found its place in the hearts of foodies. Sesame toast, the usual manchurians, soups, dals, sabjis and paneers, rotis and naans, noodles, delectable kebabs, pastas -- basically everything served here carries an endearing taste that is unique to this place.

For parents who love to chat away while their children play without pestering them for their attention, this is the place to be. With a small play area within the premises of the hotel, where fixed toys offer endless entertainment to children, parents can also choose to dine closeby, in the open area. With vehicular traffic being sparse, one doesn’t have to worry too much about pollution and gobble crispy manchurians on a nippy evening -- enjoying both.

College students from the nearby institutions, who are forever looking for new places to entertain their friends, seem to have taken to this place big time. Freshers, seniors or simply friends, visit the hotel for a tasty diversion from home or hostel food, without having to shell out too much. 

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Kushalappa, who set up this hotel few months ago, says Highway is most frequented by families, however, young crowd frequenting this place is increasing at a steady pace. While the families prefer to eat indoors, young boys and girls like the open area very much. This way, both don’t invade each other’s privacy. Costing, which is well within the reach of middle class and students, is definitely a plus with both categories.

Soon, the hotel would offer lunch buffetwhere you can enjoy pastas, manchurians, rotis, salads and rice at just Rs 130 per person. Attaching high importance to hygiene, Kushalappa says theirs is the only hotel, which uses purified water that has passed through reverse osmosis process, which is a huge plus.  

After a hearty meal, it is time to enjoy a good dessert. And, in house ice cream serves some lip smaking combinations. If you are the types who likes a bowl full of ice cream, as hearty as the mal you have had, don’t bother about calories and just indulge. Litchi with ice cream, strawberry, almond, butterscotch, the list is endless. For ‘shakers’, thick shakes from here are a must try. Miss it not, we say!

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