When silence spoke volumes...

Last Updated 31 January 2011, 13:11 IST

The auditorium was packed to hilt with the audience breaking into peals of laughter as they witnessed a contortion of facial expressions which reflected a lot of daily life

A student of the great mime artist Marcel Marceau, Decol started his career two decades ago.

Explaining why he chose to be a mime artist, he said, “I wanted to be a comedian and thought mime was the best tool through which I could convey my emotions, thoughts and feelings about a plethora of things.”

He presented various emotions effortlessly and with great elan. His actions were easily palpable and the kids enjoyed every bit of the show. Decol presented nine different sequences of mime.

One sequence was that of a circus involving a weightlifter, a magician, a sword eater and a tight-rope walker. The weightlifting sequence was quite hilarious since all his efforts to do the stunts came to an impasse.

Decol’s natural expressions and movements are worth a mention because the way he conjured the audience was very unique.

Decol said that the white paint on the face, which is a part of all mime shows, has its own significance.

 “It is to make the face look like a blank page on which the audience, watching the artist, can interpret the actions and perceive them the way they want to. That’s the specialty of mime,” explained Decol.

The next sequence included the process of planting a seed, waiting for a sapling to sprout, cutting the tree and then harvesting the grain.

This was constantly repeated in a comical manner. Said Mamatha, an employee with a private firm who was at the event, “I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. His silent actions can speak volumes about different emotions of an individual and a group. It was nice to see his fluid body language with a distinct style of acting.”

Aahan, a class seven student said, “Every expression and movement conveyed a lot of things. I enjoyed every bit of his action and humour. It was a complete entertainer and I’m so glad my parents got me here to watch it.”

(Published 31 January 2011, 13:09 IST)

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