When life is thrown out of gear

When life is thrown out of gear


 FRIENDLY TIMES Many people feel that talking to friends decreases considerably after marriage. While you might not be the one getting hitched, there are still many things that change in your life when your friends get married.

Not only do you suddenly find yourself fighting for your friend’s time, but you also hear reasons from your friend for not being in touch, which you may have never heard before. Metrolife finds out more.

A lot of people agree that talking to friends decreases considerably after marriage. “Keeping in touch with friends does get tougher after they are married. They get too busy with their lives while they are trying to keep up with new responsibilities,” says Nidhi Kathuria, a finance professional.

“With more than 100 things occupying their mind, it definitely becomes a lot harder to keep in touch once your friends are married. A guy, I know, used to be either at home or work before he got married. But now, I can never even get him on the phone. He is always shopping for home appliances, bean bags and groceries,” says Gautam K, an IT professional.

And some people have a tough time dealing with this. “The communication with friends decreases once they are married or for that matter, even once the marriage date is fixed. One of my friends used to call me every other night to talk about all the issues under the sun. He is getting married now and he practically snubbed me the other day as it was time for him to talk to his fiancee,” says Aditya, a lecturer.

“I barely get to talk to my married friends. We speak once a week or even a month in some cases. They are always busy with errands, even though they have not started working yet,” says Priya, a marketing professional.  

But for obvious reasons, women face more challenges than men.

 “The girls, once married, usually have to spend time with their in-laws apart from their husbands. Still I feel they manage to give more time to their friends,” says Aditya.

But at the end of the day, it is the strength of the friendship that defines how long it continues. “It not only depends on the married person, but also the single friends. After all communication is a big thing in a relationship and it happens both ways,” says Neha Jaswal, a medical student.

“True friendship does not revolve around the tying of knots! As far as I am concerned, my bond with my friend has never been and probably will never be affected by the powerful and binding institution called marriage,” says Vijay Isaac, a professional.

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