People's Problems

People's Problems

Unsafe flyover

The ring road flyover above the Railway track near Benniganahalli makes lot of noise when heavy vehicles move on it. A close inspection shows on the expansion joints and a difference in the level of about 5-10 cm.

The traffic causes windows and doors of the houses nearby to rattle, and in many houses wall hangings have fallen down.

This can also gradually weaken the foundation of the bridge. I request the authorities to take immediate action. Vijay Kiran and other residents of 2nd main Road, Kasturinagar.

Neglected park

The Sorat Aswath park in Chennammanakere Achukattu is in a bad state. There is no lighting for the past year and a half.

Our request to the local ward corporator has yielded no result. The walking path is badly damaged and many senior citizens and women have slipped and fallen down.

Adding to the misery, vendors use the park entrance as waste dump, encouraging stray dogs to enter the park. The keeper is rarely seen.

We request the concerned authorities to look into the matter for the sake of tax payers.

Srinivasan A R

Weeds in vacant plot

There is a vacant plot on Mahalakshmi Temple Road, opposite Swadishta Restaurant in Vyalikaval and right behind my flat, wherein a house was demolished over an year ago.

The plot is left unattended and is full of weeds and filth and, of late, residents use it as a dumping place for garbage. Stench emanates from rotten garbage, mosquitoes breed and reptiles slither about. Needless to say, it is an eyesore.

The owner of the plot seems to be not bothered to keep the plot cleaned.

Will the authorities concerned and the corporator of the ward initiate immediate action to direct the plot owner to ensure its hygiene?

Vinod D Arur, 202, Nanda Gokula Apts, Lower Palace Orchards, Sankey Road.

Vacant site and pollution

A large vacant site in front of Smart department store near Ramaiah Garden 24th Main JP Nagar 7th Phase is full of garbage. Every morning,  the woman who collects garbage in the neighbourhood sets fire to it, making things worse.

Dr Shiva Kumar, Shiva Residency,III Floor 301, 21st Cross, JP nagar 7th Phase

BJP office choking road

The 12th main, 17th cross, 8th main and 11th Main Road area in Malleswaram are a sight to see. The office of the BJP is located on the 12th. Cars of all sizes and makes are parked on either side of this narrow road, thanks to the close cooperation of our dear BBMP and the more beloved BJP.

Moreover, all the buses in Karnataka seem to be diverted through the 8th Main.  With the digging of the 11th main, the misery is complete. The BBMP deserves an award for the admirable chaos that occurs on the 17th Cross, 11th main, 16th Cross and 8th Main complex.

Panduranga, 12th main, Malleswaram

Water leakage

As water becomes precious by the day, the BWSSB seems to be totally oblivious to water that is lost through leaks. In Viveknagar, residents get water on alternate days. On days water is supplied, the leakage next to the Viveknagar Post Office on the main road linking Victoria Road to NGV - Koramangala is mindboggling.

Complaints to the Assistant Engineer Ramesh have yielded no result. His argument is that if he stops the leak there will be another leak elsewhere. With this kind of attitude we are only going backwards. I hope BWSSB Chairman will see how his Department is progressing.

Residents of Viveknagar

Dangerous road

Royal Layout waits for BBMP to asphalt its roads.The residents of Royal Residency Layout are facing enormous problems. It is difficult to drive on the unasphalted roads, especially for two-wheeler riders. It is dangerous for children to run around on the uneven roads, or ride their bicycles.

The state of the storm water drainage is pathetic, with mosquitoes and foul smell assaulting us day and night. Will the concerned authorities be considerate enough to address these problems on priority like the way they push us to pay property tax? Are we really getting benefits for what we pay?

Ravi Kumar, 167, 3rd Cross, Royal Residency Layout, I.I.M. Post.

Bad condition of pavements

I am appalled at the state of footpaths in Indiranagar. They are put into various forms of abuse like residents building a mini garden, keeping potted plants, the corporation failing to cover with proper stone slabs, endangering pedestrians and having a mini transformer on the footpath.  They also dig trenches but do not close them and drive on pavements instead of roads.

Dr Sanjay, 875, HAL 3rd stage.

Signboard for the cricketer

Weeks after the Puttenahalli underpass named after the legendary cricketer, G R Viswanath,was inaugurated by Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa,
no board has been put up any where in the underpass that it is named after the
cricketing genius.

I urge BBMP to put up the suitable boards or paint the name of Vishwanath on the underpass.

Arun Kumar

Ulsoor Lake loses charm

Grievance: The large open drain running by the side of the Ulsoor Lake is blocked and is full of stagnant, putrid water and this poses a health hazard. The wide footpath between the lake and the G Chetty Road has of late become a dumping ground by unscrupulous building contractors and waste disposers and is used as an open urinal. The footpath is also being misused as an unauthorised parking lot.

K V Unni, Lakeshore Manor

RESPONSE: The BBMP had earlier initiated action to divert the entire UGD (Underground drainage) system from the lake. However, the recent problems have been noted and action will be initiated. As for the walkway, the Palike has already started the process of deweeding it. Unfortunately, we cannot asphalt the stretch and it has to be kept as an open mud patch stretch.

Suresh, AEE, Shivajinagar

Bad road

Grievance: In Islampur (near HAL), roads are full of potholes. We can see garbage everywhere. The BBMP authorities fail to clean and clear the garbage regularly. The water supply is also very irregular.

Residents of Islampur.

RESPONSE: The above mentioned problem has been taken under consideration and has been included in the Programme of Works for this financial year. The tender process will take at least 15 days to complete, following which action will be initiated.

AEE, BBMP, Domlur

Murugeshpalya’s woes

Grievance: Garbage, dilapidated footpaths, lack of hygiene are all what is Murugeshpalya now. The place is littered with rotting garbage, household waste, dust, and construction waste. Footpaths here are damaged and occupied by vendors of all sorts making it difficult for pedestrians to walk. There is no zebra crossing.

Swami, Murugeshpalya

RESPONSE: The garbage in the vicinity has been cleared. But as for the footpath, the work will be taken up shortly to reset it either by giving the contract to KLAC or by the BBMP itself.

AE (Environment), BBMP

Garbage dumped

Grievance: Garbage and waste are dumped at the entrance of 1st Main Road, New Bagalur Layout, opposite St. Charles High School and Durgamma Temple, adjacent to the corporation playground.

Syed Haroon Rasheed,71, 5th Cross Road, New Bagalur Layout

RESPONSE: Having visited the spot we have taken note of the lack of hygiene and have asked the garbage contractors to streamline their work in clearing the entire space of the accumulated waste. It has to be done on a consistent basis.

Chandrashekar, AE, Bagalur

Sanjaynagar’s problems

Grievance: The residents of Sanjaynagar are facing major problems. The garbage collection has more or less stopped. With all the bins removed, residents throw garbage packets on the roads/drains.

The Sanjaynagar Main Road, dug up by BWSSB last year, was asphalted only a month back. BWSSB dug it up again last week.

V Sathyamurthy, No.50/1, 3rd Floor, 2nd Main Road, Rajajinagar Industrial Town

RESPONSE: The BBMP officials have visited the spot and taken into consideration the non-availability of push carts to clear the garbage. The Palike will monitor the situation and ensure that they will be available henceforth. With regard to the BWSSB digging the road, yet again, we have already initiated action by issuing a notice to the civic agency and will try to take up the matter at the next level.

Somashekar, CE, East

Danger from cylinders

Grievance: On the 19th Main, 6th Block Koramangala, a gas agency unloads its cylinders on the street.  The agency employees dump cylinders all over the road, occupying space meant for residents and for the park users’ vehicles. The loud noise of cylinders being thrown around disturbs residents. There is the fear that the cylinders could explode.

Anand Jujare, Koramangala

RESPONSE: Although the matter does not come under our jurisdiction, the Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has issued directives to monitor the unloading of the cylinders. It will also ask the agency concerned to take up their loading and unloading work within their own space.


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