Water suppliers in tankers make hay in KR Puram

Water suppliers in tankers make hay in KR Puram

Tanker operators supplying water to the residents of KR Puram are raking in big bucks, exploiting all the existing borewells in the area and even transporting water from nearby lakes. But none seems to be testing the water that is supplied.

"We need water, any kind of water. We can’t be bothered if the private tanker is bringing it from borewell or lake,” said N Pandi, a resident of Ramaiah Reddy Layout, KR Puram.

He said although the water supplied is salty sometimes and muddy, “we have not even bothered to test. If we complain, then we will not receive any water. However, the tanker water is used only for non-potable purpose and drinking water is bought separately," he said.

Pandi’s family spends Rs 2,500 to 3,000 a month on buying water from private water tankers. The drinking water in cans that they buy from shops costs extra.

Polluted water

Narayana, who owns a water tanker, said he transports water from borewells in Kalkere and Jinkethimanna Halli. Sometimes, he draws water from the polluted Channasandra Lake. 
Such is the plight of most residents of KR Puram, who, tired of complaining about water scarcity, are now looking for different ways in procuring it.

"Residents here are tired of the problems. The whole water distribution system has failed miserably here, allowing valvemen, engineers and local politicians a nexus in water supply," said Anjanappa, secretary, Ramamurthynagar Residents' Welfare Association.

“The valveman behaves like owner of water here,” says Agnes Babu, a resident of Vivekananda Road, Ramamurthynagar.

"When I requested a valve man to lay a connecting pipe from the supply station to my house, he demanded Rs 5,000. When I tried to get the work done by others, the valveman warned them against doing it," she said. Basavanapura ward corporator K Poornima says unauthorised connections are rampant in KR Puram area.

"Residents here pay Rs 50 a month to BWSSB as water charges. As no proper metering system exists, a single home or a building with four houses pays the same amount to the Board," she added.