Fire destroys 300-acre forest in Mundgod

Fire destroys 300-acre forest in Mundgod

Trees consumed by forest fire near Sanavalli. DH Photo

Vegetation in nearly 300 acre of forest land was consumed by forest fire near Sanavalli in the taluk, on Friday.

As the forest fire spread to human habitation, residents of Sanavalli village were gripped by panic. The fire that quickly spread across the village took the residents, by surprise. All the residents irrespective of women and children gathered at their backyard and tried to douse the fire.

Women and children by fetching water helped the men who were fighting hard to contain the fire. While, as a precautionary measure the others splashed water on hay stacks.

The forest fire spread so fast that coconut trees grown in front of houses too were not spared. Even as one group of people battled to put off fire at on end of the backyard, it spread engulfing everything in its wake making it a herculean task.

The forest fire which raged for nearly three hours terrorised Sanavalli residents.
“Accidental fire which broke out in Shiggaon taluk could have spread to our village,” suspected residents of Sanavalli.

The fire force personnel and the police who arrived at the spot after an hour joined hands with the residents in tackling the fire. Also, the fire force which arrived from Shiggaon helped in dousing the fire. Finally, the forest fire was brought under control by evening.

However, no loss of life and property has been reported by Sanavalli residents.