Caught up in the call...

Caught up in the call...

Sheer nuisance

Noisy: Speaking loudly on the cell phone can be quite disturbing for the people around.

Our lives would be incomplete without mobile phones. It keep us in contact with the outside world but most of time people don’t follow mobile etiquette.  

One can be subjected to plenty of ill-effects while using a mobile phone. Health risks are quite high and people who use their phones while riding are prone to accidents.

Metrolife spoke to a few people and asked them whether mobile etiquette matters to them at all.  

The worst affected are bike riders. They talk on the phone while riding and are caught for breaking traffic rules as well.

“Once I almost hit a girl who was walking on the road and talking on her phone. She wasn’t aware of what was happening around her. I have confronted several situations like these. People quite often tend to lose control of the vehicle while speaking on the phone,” says Gowtham, an IT employee.

The mobile menace is not just confined to the roads alone. People try to flaunt their mobiles in public places as well.

“I have seen people talk loudly and endlessly on their cell phones in buses and other public places, unmindful of who is around them. They also talk in vulgar language and think it is a great thing to do so,” says Prem, who heads the logistics department in a private firm.

Suma, an aerobics instructor, finds mobile ring tones exasperating.

“Some people deliberately set a high volume ring tone and this really irritates people around them. The sound of the tone is so annoying that I don’t feel like using my phone for a few days,” she says.

People must have basic manners and realise where, when and how to use a cell phone without causing trouble to those around them, feels Bhagya, a government employee.

“It is really sad to see people attach so much importance to a cell phone. They lack the basic courtesy to even apologise when they cause inconvenience to others. This is an individual problem that can be rectified by the particular individual, no rule or regulation would make a difference,” she wraps up.