Evading arrest? The 'dugdugi drive' might catch you

Evading arrest? The 'dugdugi drive' might catch you

The campaign, which will also be extended to other districts, sees people beating 'dugdugis' - small locally made drums - to seek the help of neighbours and family members to catch those eluding arrest for months or years.

It was launched Sunday. Typically, the dugdugi beaters go to the homes or possible hideouts of the offenders and beat the drums.

Patna Senior Superintendent of Police Alok Kumar told IANS: "It is a rare drive and the response is tremendous as police have arrested people with the help of residents after these drums were beaten at different places in Patna district."

It has helped nab over 900 of 2,000 people who were evading arrest despite warrants being issued.

Police have adopted the age old practice of drum-beating to seek the help of residents to find those eluding arrest and to warn their family and relatives not to protect them anymore.

Police have carried out arrests in many places like Kadamkuan, Jakkanpur, Phulwarisharief, Kankarbagh, Paliganj and Dulhinbazar areas.

"Many were arrested from urban as well as rural localities as people have come forward to provide vital information to police," a police official said.

Kumar said the dugdugi drive will continue till all those against whom warrants are pending are arrested.

A senior official at the police headquarters said after Patna, police will launch the campaign in other districts as well.