Axe effect of Baba wax statue

People flocked to a Muslim devotee’s home in Puttaparthi where the idol of Baba said to have emanated jasmine-scented oil. The “incident” flashed by local news channels kept the health condition of the ailing spiritual guru out of media focus for sometime.

Raheem alias Sai Kalakar said to have made the idol three months ago and kept in a separate room in  his rented accommodation near Ganesh circle. Though he and his wife Subhani are devout Muslims, his business reportedly picked up after he started making portraits, posters and idols of Baba. “Around 6 am, I was attracted by the scent coming from Baba’s room. When I switched on the lights I noticed that the body of Baba is sweating like a human being,” Subhani claimed.

According to her, initially she could see a liquid perfume emanating from the feet of Baba and it started flowing down after a while.

She then alerted her husband and the owner of the house, a retired Tahasildar, Narayanaswamy. The devotees also noticed that there was sweat on Baba’s face. They collected the perfume in a bottle and a few dipped their kerchiefs and hands to take the miracle potion as Baba’s blessings.

“If wax melts due to summer heat it would have disfigured the idol, nothing like that happened. This idol is not made of plaster of paris and jute and I swear on Allah, as a true Muslim, I don’t have to play with Hindu sentiments,” Raheem told reporters.

The Babas’s idol stopped releasing the liquid after it was shifted to the ground floor of the residential complex.

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