Vikram happy at being chosen UN Youth envoy

Vikram happy at being chosen UN Youth envoy

"I am extremely proud and grateful to have been chosen from a long list of actors and sportsmen," he said.

He said his main role would be to spread awareness about the statutes of U.N Habitat which include urban stabilisation. He would also be required to help formulate plans for effective water management, slum eradication and women and youth empowerment.

Vikram also spoke about the endeavours of his Vikram Foundation.To commemorate Earth Day today, he had planted 100 saplings at the YMCA in old Mahabalipuram road.

This is part of his venture to plant one lakh trees in one year in and around Chennai.He said these trees would be planted in schools, colleges and even jails. Another one of his projects is to identify and rehabilitate school dropouts.

He also plans to form a committee for the purpose. The committee would consist of personnel from the corporate sector, social services, NGOs and social workers,he told reporters here yesterday.