Century old well still has tasty water left

Century old well still has tasty water left

You will be surprised to learn that the survey that was a part of academic activity, was successfully undertaken by the student, a non-Mysorean.

A native of Odisha, Saurav Kumar Chand, is studying in second semester, Mass Communication and Journalism, at University of Mysore.

It was just a couple of months ago, he moved to city for pursuing studies. Being relatively new to city, he could collate information with his smattering of Kannada, besides making ample use of his journalistic skills. He had worked for a year with an English daily, before taking up studies again.

Chand told Deccan Herald, at the house of Kempamma, located at second cross, Kalidasa Road in Vontikoppal, he came across the well that dates back over 100 years.

Water also tastes good and is the source of drinking for the family. They have been cleaning it up regularly once in five to six months.  Another well at Mahadeshwara Temple in Kumbarakoppal is 80 years old. Though the water tastes sweet, it’s used for other purposes like- bathing and washing clothes.

It’s the only public owned well, but a victim of local body. In the absence of authorities interest, Jai Bheem Youth Trust, a NGO cleans the well, but occasionally. Chand said, he had scouted two more wells, but couldn’t inspect for the water source in the vicinity of religious institution. Had it been included, the total number of wells surveyed would have been 12.
Dr Niranjan Vanalli, a faculty of PG Mass Communication and Journalism told this paper that the topic of survey was given for all the 28 students.