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What William told Kat before wedding

»Before his wedding ceremony began, Prince William told his bride Kate, “You look absolutely beautiful”, according to professional lip readers, agencies report from London.
The groom mouthed the words while the hymn “Great Redeemer” was being sung, The Sun’s lip-reader John Cassidy reported. Another professional forensic lip reader, Tina Lannin, who also reads CCTV footage, said William cracked a joke to his father-in-law at the altar, saying: “We’re supposed to have just a small family affair”.

Blair not invited to royal wedding
»Former British Premier Tony Blair was not invited to Friday’s royal wedding because Prince William had developed a “powerful dislike” for the politician, a noted historian has claimed.
“I think the plain truth is that for all sorts of reasons, (Prince) William developed a powerful dislike of Mr Blair,” David Starkey said.

“Particularly the way in which he intervened at his mother’s funeral service. These are not political at all, they are personal choices,” said Starkey, an English constitutional historian, a radio and television presenter.

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