Hyderabad tense after attack on Owaisi

Hyderabad tense after attack on Owaisi

Local gangster allegedly fired four rounds on sitting MLA

Assailants were identified as local gangster Mohammed Pahelwan and his four associates who had several land disputes with Akbaruddin Owaisi’s family. The incident is also being seen as a fall-out of the growing political rivalry between MIM and some local groups. Mohammed Pehlwan has reportedly sided with anti-MIM elements after quitting the party.

The assailants allegedly fired four rounds on him and also attacked him with swords while Akbar was on his a to Barkas to attend some work in his constituency.  Another AIMIM legislator Ahmed Balal (MLA of Malakpet) and three other party workers have also been injured seriously.

A profusely bleeding Akbaruddin Owaisi was rushed to Owaisi hospital where a team of doctors is treating him. Hospital sources said that he was hit in the abdomen and has also suffered injuries on his right hand.” There was a lot of blood loss by the time he was brought here,” sources said. Police said Akbaruddin Owaisi was in critical condition at the Owaisi hospital in Santoshnagar with three bullet wounds. In the return fire Owaisi’s gunman also shot down one of the assailants and injured two others. At least three others, including another MIM legislator Ahmad Bilala, were also injured in the incident.

As the news of his attack spread like wildfire, hundreds of people rushed to the hospital. Shopkeepers, business establishments and offices were closed in the old city. Security was tightened and additional forces were deployed.

The police have clamped S 144 in the area as the AIMIM called for bundh in protest against the attack. Police sources said that four persons were taken into custody in connection with the attack.