Let not new tech emerge from India, China: Obama to Americans

Let not new tech emerge from India, China: Obama to Americans

In his address to the workers at an Allison Transmission plant in Indiana, Obama said there is growing realisation across the world that clean energy technology is the way to the future.

"We're in a competition all around the world, and other countries — Germany, China, South Korea — they know that clean energy technology is what is going to help spur job creation and economic growth for years to come," Obama said.

This is why, he said, "we've got to make sure that we win that competition".Obama has time and again told Americans to tighten up in education and innovation to keep intact their lead over rapidly advancing countries like India and China.

"I don't want the new breakthrough technologies and the new manufacturing taking place in China and India," asserted the US President.

He said rather he wants all those new jobs generated in the US with American workers, American know-how, American ingenuity.

"We're going to have a lot of jobs in the service sector because we're a mature economy, but America's economy is always going to rely on outstanding manufacturing, where we make stuff, where we're not just buying stuff overseas but we're making stuff here, and we're selling it to somebody else," he said.

"This is also where a clean energy economy is being built. This is the kind of company that will make sure that America remains the most prosperous nation in the world," Obama said.