Keeping things simple

Achla Sachdev

 In the City to choreograph a show, Achla spoke to Metrolife about things that have made her who she is. She attributes the composure in her persona to the confidence in her mind. “It is thought that becomes thing,” she says and adds, “I would like to keep things simple. I believe that as I grow I need to add one more dimension to my life, explore and exploit my every talent to the hilt. This keeps me going,” Achla says.

She recently played a comic role in the film Straight and has done a host of shows for the popular TV show Specials@10. Her hands are full with shows and assignments through this year.

“I am happy acting and I am just as happy when I am backstage,” she says. Achla says she’s choosy and won’t pick up just anything that comes her way.
   When Achla is not acting or even choreographing she’s hanging out with her friends and family.

“I neither go clubbing and partying nor do I drink, I am a very private person who would rather spend my leisure time with a close set of people,” she says. How does she rate a Bangalorean’s sense of fashion and style? She thinks a Bangalorean needs to be a wee bit more style conscious, “The men and women here don’t really make an effort to dress up unless an occasion arises. And I think the people here are a very laidback lot which blends well with the character of the City,” she says.

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