Woman MP humiliated in front of Modi

Woman MP humiliated in front of Modi

The incident took place during Krishi Mahotsav rally, one of the state government programmes to reach out to the farmers.

While local MP Taviad and MLA C K Raolji were invited to the function, Raolji, who was voicing some local concerns over the tribal development in the area, had set on a protest near the venue and was reportedly trying to burn an effigy of Modi. The local police detained Raolji along with 40 other Congress workers.

Taviad, who was at the programme, approached Modi on the dais after learning about the development asking him why her party workers have been detained and when they will be released.

While Modi refrained from acknowledging the woman MP, the police forcibly dragged Taviad from the stage and detained her. She was released later.

Taviad said she had gone to ask the chief minister as to why invited members of the Assembly were not allowed to attend the programme. “He refused to answer my question and I said you will have to answer when they pulled me out of the stage,” Taviad said.

This, however, is not Taviad’s first brush with the rough side of Narendra Modi’s administration. Last year also, she was prevented by the state government to attend the Garib Kalyan Mela at Kadana in Dahod district.

Leader of Opposition Shaktisinh Gohil slammed Modi for the “inhuman treatment of the Congress woman MP”.

“The chief minister was angry with her because she had tried to protest against the brutal treatment of Congress  MLAs and other leaders who wanted to draw the attention of the chief minister to some local problems,” he said.

“The chief minister should apologise to women and tribal people for the public humiliation of elected woman tribal representative,” Gohil demanded.

Modi hits back
Meanwhile Modi raised the pitch against the Central government during his speech in the meeting and said he is being threatened with arrest on daily basis from Delhi.“Let them arrest me if they can,” Modi said.