Police crack kidnap case within 5 hours, nab culprits

Police crack kidnap case within 5 hours, nab culprits

Akshay, the victm, was rescued last night from his alleged abductors Prakash Reddy (22), Ananthkumar (22), Govind Reddy (20), Krishna Reddy (24) and Ravindra (20), police said.
The gang had kidnapped Akshay because he had allegedly sent lewd text messages to Prakash's sister, police said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South East) division P S Harsha told reporters that Akshay and Prakash's sister were tuition mates. He added that during interrogation, Prakash had confessed that despite repeated warnings, Akshay continued to send obscene text messages to his sister.

An enraged Prakash decided along with four of his associates to kidnap Akshay, Harsha said.

"We received the complaint about Akshay's kidnap lodged by his father at 6:30 pm yesterday evening and by 10 pm we had the accused in our custody along with the vehicle they had used for the kidnap", Harsha said.

"If we had not nabbed them, in all probability they would have killed Akshay", he said.