Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow
Are the colours I really love
Aren’t they wonderful?
Let’s see how.

Pink, the colour of pretty roses,
That’s the colour that really pleases.
Blue, the colour of the shining sea,
As crisp and clean as can be!

Green, the colour of tall trees
Beans, herbs and peas.
Yellow, the colour of the shimmering sky,
That’s where the birds fly high.
And the best part is the rainbow,
Where all these colours play together.
Aren’t these colours your favourites too?
Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow!

Aditi Arun (7 years), NPS.


Earth, the universal mother of all,
Houses animals, trees, nature and all.
But though we the people on Earth do not respect her,
She carries us like our own mother.

But fear ye’ all, for you will face her wrath.
For, what damage done by us — air pollution, deforestation,
Storms will twist, typhoons will consume,
Volcanoes will explode, earthquakes will shake and rattle.
What the future holds,
Nobody knows.
So, let us stop talking or damaging
And start conserving and protecting.

Earth, you are the only planet With oxygen, water, life and all other necessary elements.
But we treat you so shabbily!
So, take care of the Earth, my friends,
Or prepare to face the consequences.

Nikhil C Kubsad,  10th Std,
Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya, Mysore

Odd Four

It was a cold winter morning
As I trotted down the lane,
And there was frost in the air
Which caused my ears to pain.

And as I walked down the road,
An odd sight I should see
A family in tank tops and shorts,
Dressed as skimpily as can be.

They must be crazy I thought
In this weather! Dressed so thin!
Jogging along as if nothing is weird,
To sweat in summer must surely be a sin.

I stared as they passed by
And even as heavy rain began to pour
They panted and wiped their sweat!
Oh! I’ll never forget those odd four!

Dheeya Shetty, NAFL