Enjoy the present

Enjoy the present

People bracketed among 'Sanguine' are those who are superlatively optimistic. They  are ever busy weaving colourful dreams, fabricating fantasies and manufacturing happy illusions. Whatsoever they never cudgel their brains regarding any matter, howsoever it may be unsettling to the mind. Even if they are stuck with 'sticky wicket', they try scouting ways of wriggling themselves out of that 'trying phase'. In nutshell, they indefatigably think/stay positive.

 'Melancholic' are those distressed folks, who are invariably in despondent state, ever drowning in doldrums, even while everything in their life is hunky-dory! Being pretty pessimistic, they get easily flustered by even piffling/piddling matters. They keep interminably worrying about imaginary troubles/dangers/miseries! They not only keep themselves unhappy, they radiate that gloom too around them!

'Choleric' ones are those angry lot, who are ever on the short fuse. They are eternally enmeshed in splenetic state of mind, and hence they always keep snapping at others too! While everything on earth nettles them; every human on earth galls them! Apparently they don't share good interpersonal equations with others, owing to their grumpy and grouchy demeanour. In short, they lead a kind of reclusive life.   

'Phlegmatic' folks are those prudent and pragmatic people, who accept both the positives and negatives of life with equanimity. They deal with difficulties with dollops of sang-froid, never getting harried by hurdles/hitches in anything. They are so stoical that even when they're running through gamut of emotions, people can’t access their thoughts! And they neither brood about their past, nor churn brains about their future.   
Well, to whichever category that you may belong, you can always psyche your mind into being happy always. Even if things go awry, psyche yourself that nothing shall rile/ruffle you. So, in case you are a hot-tempered being, try making a concerted effort to remain calm and composed. Since anger is one lethal emotion, which can derail your thought processes, deflect your focus from work, slacken your efficiency rate, besides making you lose your equipoise of mind. Even if you're that brooding kind, try exercising control over your mind, to see that the mind is always relaxed. Note, by you worrying, things can never ever be altered. Finally remember, "The past is dead and the future is unborn"! Hence live and enjoy the present moment, which once lost, may be irretrievable later!                                                                         

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