A Canada boy in Kannada Naadu

A Canada boy in Kannada Naadu

Ricky Bajwa

It shares the land borders with Alaska in the northwest. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Pacific Ocean in the west and to the north is the Arctic Ocean. One of the most developed countries across the globe, Canada has as many as 10 provinces and three territories.

Canada has a diversified economy mainly dependent on its natural resources. The largest trading partner of Canada is United States. Besides the country has one of the highest standards of living in the world, ranking the eight highest in the human development index globally.

Canada was inhabited by various groups of aboriginal people for several years. The characteristics of aboriginal societies included permanent settlements, agriculture, and complex societal hierarchies and trade. However, these cultures slowly started diminishing after the advent of Europeans to the land. Canada has constitutional protection supporting the promotion of multi-culturalism. The wonderful country is a collection of several regional, aboriginal and ethnic subcultures.

Historically Canada has borrowed the fraction of its identity through the influence by British, French and aboriginal culture and traditions. However, the country’s culture has been largely affected by United States because of the proximity between the two countries and the rate of migration.

Ricky Bajwa from the land of national sports like ice hockey and lacrosse is in Manipal very much impressed by the iconic India to study medicine. He is studying second year MBBS in Kasturba Medical College. He has landed in India straight from St Augustine School, Canada, where he finished his 12th standard.  Excerpts of the interview…

Why did you come to India when you had many other options to study medicine across the globe?       
Here the course of medicine is very compact. Lot of stuff has been integrated in the study material. It takes only 4 years to study in India. But in Canada, we have to take up medical course only after completing our undergraduate course, it takes nearly 8 to 9 years to become a doctor after 12th standard. Moreover, I heard many amazing things about India from my family members who had visited India earlier. Their experiences dragged me to India.

How would you rate the quality of education here in India when compared to Canada? What about the fees, is it high or cheaper?

We have to pay similar to what we pay back at home. No much difference in the fee structure. The education quality here is quite good. The basic systems are pretty good. We gain more knowledge at the basic level.

What do you feel about India and what are your experiences?

It has a different standard of living. We have entirely a different style of family system back at home. I was not much surprised with the culture and tradition over here as I was familiar with these through my relatives. Huge barrier comes when you have to associate yourself with food and communication here. However, the living cost is feasible. It is much cheaper.

Which are the places you visited in India and which place you liked most?

I have visited Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Goa, Mysore and Mumbai. I liked Goa for its fabulous outdoor locations. It is a blend of nature and lavishness. Beaches in Goa are really awesome.

How do you feel people in India?

They are friendly. But the major problem is the language. I cannot understand what they speak. At least in north India, it is easy to communicate with people. Here it is hard and I face many problems when I need some assistance.

After two years of stay in India, what is your reaction for Indian food?

I like almost all north Indian dishes. My most favorite is boiled chicken.

Did you like Indian dress?

It is fantastic. Really good and it gives a sort of sophisticated look on whoever wears it.

How would you describe India?

India means lots of freedom, very crowded and most corrupt.

Would you recommend India for your friends?

I have already recommended India to many of my friends back at home. It is more than studying here. Most of them don’t want to come here as India is still considered as third world country and less developed. The approach has not changed among people in the west towards India. Truth is known only when we experience real India.

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