Daddy divine and dearest

A L Vijay’s Deiva Thirumagan is like a soothing autumn breeze that sometimes blows away the blues. Inspired by Sean Penn’s 2001 movie I Am Sam, Vijay’s Deiva has plenty of mushy moments that simply melts your heart away.

Getting into the skin of his tricky character Krishnan, an autistic with developmental disabilities, Vikram, given to experimentation, turns in a measured, method performance deserving all appreciation for his eclectic effort.

Deiva, a doting dad with the mental age of a five-year-old has to slug it out in a court to win the custody of his daughter Neela. The father-daughter’s idyllic life is shattered when Deiva’s father-in-law cruelly snatches away Neela from her father. Undaunted, Deiva ropes in advocate Anuradha to win back his daughter.

How the court room battle pans out forms the rest of the soulful and sentimental saga.
Deiva is a cinematographer’s delight with Nirav Shah capturing Ooty’s varied hues and beauty in all its pristine glory. Likewise, G V Prakash’s haunting background score provides exalted experience. Deiva Thirumagan, with A L Vijay of Madrasapattinam fame proving his mettle and supported by his glorious team, ensures it’s worth the ticket money. Given that films like Deiva come once in a blue moon, it is a not-to-be missed, must-see movie.

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