Wooing kids to school with eats

Amrutha Bhojana ensures full attendance at Narasapur school in Gagad

Sumptuous: Children relish ‘Amrutha Bhojana’ at the Government Higher Primary School at Narasapur in Gadag. DH PhotoFor, they will miss their share of the lip-smacking dish introduced in their mid-day meal if they do so.

The authorities of the Government Higher Primary School have hit upon a new idea to draw students to classrooms.

Bogged down by the fact that most students bunked classes, the staff members met to chalk out ways and means to keep the attendance full. It was then that they decided to include a sweet dish in the “bisi oota” menu.

So, along with the ‘rice-n-curry’ meal, the children are now being served a sweet dish, introduced from the holy month of Shravana.

With generous helpings of delicacies like godhi huggi, shenga holige, shenga laddoo, shavige payasa, Mysore pak, jilebi and others, children will find no reason to bunk.

Instead of conveniently calling it ‘sihi oota,’ in place of ‘bisi oota,’ the authorities decided
to call it ‘Amrutha Bhojana.’ The teachers voluntarily bear the expenses of the daily sweet dish — Rs 600 a day. Inspired by their venture, the SDMC president and its members too have joined hands.

With word on Amrutha Bhojana spreading, several local residents and leaders from Narasapur have come forward to sponsor the special lunch. The number of philanthropists is increasing by the day. The school authorities are now planning to extend the scheme beyond the month of Shravana.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, headmaster Kalakannavar said 178 students were on the school roll from standard one to seven. On an average, every day at least 40 students skipped school.

Amrutha Bhojana has ensured that the attendance of the students is full. The ‘rice-curry-sweet’ menu is surely attracting students. Apart from lunch, sweets are included in breakfast on Saturdays, he added.

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