South Indian stars support Anna's agitation

South Indian stars support Anna's agitation

South Indian stars support Anna's agitation

"Hello my friends - support Anna Hazare today for a brighter india tomorrow. Help eradicate corruption. jai hind! Jai Jan LokPal," Nagarjuna posted on his Twitter page.

"It looks like that with every move of central government makes to curb Anna's movement, the overwhelming support for him will increase. The agitation is backed by middle-class people who are very badly affected by corruption. This agitation is sure to succeed and I don't think Anna and his team's demands are unjust. What is wrong if every person in the country is subjected to scrutiny by the Lok Pal bill," Arvind maintained.

"In Karnataka, the (former) chief minister (BS Yeddyurappa) was  severely criticised (by the Lokayukta). He had to resign. I think any person who is accused should  quit his office and face the enquiries," he added.

Support to Anna is pouring on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter
Actress Ramya tweeted: "More power to Anna..praying for Hazaar more like him."

Anna's arrest Tuesday, hours before he was to begin a fast-unto-death to demand a strong anti-graft law, has also sparked off angry reactions.

Siddharth, who has acted in Hindi films like "Striker" and "Rang De Basanti", termed the arrest a blunder by the UPA governemnt.

"(The) blunder has made even the few remaining pro-UPA news channels (take) a pro-Anna stance! Anything's possible now. Keep pushing," said Sidhdharth who has been tweeting regularly in support of Anna.

Telugu pop singer and actress Smitha tweeted: "Little did the government expect that they would be the cause to make Annas moment so much more powerful. This is what is called FOOT IN MOUTH."

Well-known Kannada singer Chaithra has gone all out to support Anna. On Wednesday, she participated in the protest rally organised at Bangalore's Freedom Park and sang patriotic songs. She gave a clarion call to youngsters to rally behind Anna Hazaare.

"Every activity in our lives has been touched by corruption and all of us have become victims of corrupt practices indulged by government and non-government agencies.  All of us have to fight against corruption and the best way is to rally behind Anna who is a true Gandhian and has fought many successful battles against corruption," she said.