Dusty way to ill health

This dust, which is a waste product from the now dysfunctional Bharat Gold Mines Limited, is a health hazard. Many people suffer from respiratory-related diseases such as asthma, wheezing and TB because of the fine dust from these dumps.

Slurry waste
The cyanide dumps are found all around KGF and are a part and parcel of the landscape of KGF.

These dumps are the accumulation of the slury waste and residue that was piped out of the mills, after the gold was extracted from the ore which was collected from here.

Gold extraction
The residue slowly hardened over time and formed huge hills of soft fine dust all around the mines in Kolar Gold Fields. They are known as cyanide dumps because of the cyanide content that was used in the process of gold extraction. The rooftops of houses are covered with the dust and when the dust is caught in the eye, it causes various types of allergy.

The cyanide dump near Champion Reef is an exception. As some grass and plants have started growing on it, no dust particles come from it. But dust is blown off by the winds from the cyanide dump in Robertsonpet, which is barren.

Plants on the dumps
When Bharat Gold Mines was functioning, water, which came from the mines, was sprinkled on the cyanide dump which prevented the dust being blown off to the village.
Environmentalists say that dust can be prevented if plants are grown on the dumps in Kolar Gold Fields. The Forest Department did plant samplings but due to no maintanace, they have disappeared.

Drinking water problem
Sprinkling water on the vast dump is out of question, particularly in view of the fact that there is already severe drinking water problem in the region.

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