'Malegaon ka Superman' dies after last wish is fulfilled

'Malegaon ka Superman' dies after last wish is fulfilled

Shafique, whose last wish was to see the release of 'Malegaon ka Superman' before his death, breathed his last yesterday morning after attending the specially-arranged premiere of the flick on Tuesday evening.

"His last wish was to attend the premiere of the movie so at the last moment we organised a show at Central Talkies in Malegaon on Tuesday night. Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and producer Sunil Bohra attended the screening. He seemed happy as the audience clapped and loved the movie. His wish was fulfilled and he passed away on Wednesday morning," the film's director Nasir Khan told PTI today.

The 25-year-old actor was an essential part of the thriving low-budget film industry in the powerloom town of Malegaon, some 250 kms away from the Tinsel Town.

The Malegaon film industry produces low-budget films and spoofs of famous Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

A resident of Gulab Park in Malegaon, Shafique, who is survived by his wife and two daughters, was diagnosed with cancer last year and was treated at Tata Memorial Hospital here earlier.

In 'Malegaon ka Superhero', Shafique, who in real life used to chew around 40 packets of gutka in a day, takes on the tobacco villain to save his village from its clutches.

'Malegaon ka Superman', slated for release in November, showcases the skinny actor wearing shorts and flying into electrical wires and destroying the devil.

Shafique, a class-VII dropout, had acted in various films made in Malegaon like 'Khandesh To Goa', 'Khandesh Ki Baraat', 'Khandesh Ka Qarazdar Master', 'Malegaon Ki Lagaan' and 'Khandesh Ka Doctor', among others.