Paraplegic in debt trap for representing country

Paraplegic in debt trap for representing country

Anthonappa, who is a senior division clerk at the department of public instruction in Hassan has been representing the country in beach volleyball has literally fallen into a debt trap, as the government failed to recognise him and his team members and even bear the basic expenditure.

Now, the players are reduced to a sorry state where they are forced to pledge and sell their medals and awards to maintain their expenses.
AnthonappaSharing his grievances with the mediapersons at a press meet in Hassan, Anthonappa said, he and his teammate have been representing the state and country at international sportsmeets for paraplegic since several years.  The team has also won second place in the tournament held in Germany. But the government had not even borne the travel expenses, he lamented.

He also pointed out that there is a government norm that the team members of state, national and international tournaments are eligible for a promotion and five-fold increment and other benefits. Moreover, international players are also entitled for a site along with cash prize.

He also disclosed that the team has represented the country eight times. The government has not even paid us the food allowances, he said. With his interest in participating in the international events, he has been taking all kinds of loans and has been pushed into debt trap.

Artiste K T Prakash, who spoke on the occasion said Anthonappa, as an international player is eligible for various facilities.

Deputy Commissioner should intervene and hold discussions with the authorities concerned to recognise him by presenting him with necessary perks and promotions along with a site on the outskirts of the city, he stressed.

When brought the issue to the notice of CMC president C R Shankar, he assured discussions have been held in this regard and the funds would be released soon.