Bomb threats spread panic in Jaipur

Bomb threats spread panic in Jaipur

The police said two youths — a boy and a girl — informed the guards of the famous Pink Square Mall near Raja Park that someone had planted a bomb in the building. They fled the scene on a motorbike before the guards could ask them for more details.

However, the police failed to find any explosives after a two-hour search of the mall, located on Govind Marg that connects with the busy Jaipur-Delhi-Agra Highway.

Attention has indeed turned towards the youths who seemed to have played mischief with the police. Sources revealed that the youths could be traced through the number plate of the bike they used to flea the scene, which was captured by the mall’s CCTV cameras. “It was a prank played by some youths and we are looking for them,” said a senior police official.

Earlier on Thursday, miscreants informed the police that a bomb had been planted in Govind Devji temple, the shrine worshipped by Jaipur royals that lures large number of devotees in the morning. The police found it to be a hoax.

The state government has beefed up security in vital installations in the capital after the Wednesday’s blast.