Badminton players' unit keen to work under BWF

Badminton players' unit keen to work under BWF

As part of this unique ‘amalgamation’ process, the BPF held a meeting of 20 player representatives here on Sunday and significantly, it was also attended by a BWF representative. “Unlike the previous regime, the present administration is more receptive to our ideas. We have seen the difference in the last 2-3 years when the BWF has reacted positively to our concerns,” said BPF president William 'Bobby' Milroy.

During the meeting, Milroy, still an active doubles player, also stressed the need to strengthen the Indian players’ association. “I think in the coming years, India is going to be one of the super powers of the game. They still have a long way to go, but given their potential for growth, they will have a big part to play in the development of the game in the coming years, just like China, Indonesia or Malaysia,” he remarked.

The Indian Players Association, once headed by former Naional coach U Vimal Kumar, is defunct now.

Talking about China, Milroy admitted that at present, their country’s association had more control over the players. “As a president of the players’ body, I do understand the complexities of each country and their players. But it’s also the players’ responsibility to be more pro-active,” he pointed out. Incidentally, China were not represented by any player in Sunday’s meeting.

Among other things, the BPF also discussed the ‘fine’ structure in the event of any withdrawals, but it could do nothing about the pull-out of England, who were charged just $250 as withdrawal fee.

The BPF has also put forth a suggestion that the fee should be based on players’ or teams’ rankings. If a higher-ranked player pulls out, his/her withdrawal fee should be higher than that of a lower-ranked player, taking into account the affordability factor of the two, was the BPF’s contention.