Illegal sand filtering rampant

Last Updated 11 September 2011, 17:23 IST

Illegal sand filtering is rampant in D N Doddi premises of the taluk. The police and the taluk administration have not taken any action against the persons involved in illegal filtering of sand.

Rampant filtering of sand has effected as the tank is going barren.

As the sand filtering was banned, this lobby was not so rampant. But as the days passed, the lobbyists have again started to filter the sand. It is rampant in D N Doddi in Lakkur hobli.

It is irony that the Gram Panchayat office is just next to the tank where illegal sand filtering is going on day in and day out.

But none of the authorities have even bo thered to question them.

Water level

Continuous sand transportation and filtering has led to a adverse situation as there is no water even if the borewell is digged 1200 feet deep.

Scanty rain has worsened the situation here. People are suffering without getting sufficient drinking water and lack of water for the animals.

Recently there was rain which had made the residents happy that at least for some time there will be no water scarcity.

But, their hope is now shattered as the water accumulated during the rain is being used
in large quantity for sand filtering.

The water level has gone down considerably and the residents fear it will get over soon and they have to struggle to get sufficient water in coming days.

Even when the situation is serious, officers concerned not considering issue at all has led to suspicions.

Check post

A check post has been created near Kodihalli Gate in Lakkoor hobli. But it exists only for namesake.

Heavily loaded lorries have contributed in bad condition of roads.

The lorries are not seized in this check post. But the in charges just collect some fine and allow them to pass.

This has led to increase in illegal sand transport, says Muniraju, resident of Doddi

(Published 11 September 2011, 17:23 IST)

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