The 'fear' of things to come

The 'fear' of things to come

Unusual welcome

It was the ‘Fresher’s Day’ at the college and the second year students and the faculty made sure that the new students were given more than just a fresh start to their year ahead. The seniors welcomed the new batch in an unusual and exciting way.

The theme for the day was ‘Gothic Hail- think dark and creepy’ and everyone was dressed in true gothic style. The programme included a variety of cultural events like dance performances, group songs, solo performances and also fun activities.

The fresher’s party was held in the auditorium and everything was decorated from scratch. In just a day’s time, the place was transformed into a gothic arena complete with spooky stuff. It was a costume theme party and all seniors and juniors were dressed as devil, witches, ghosts, vampires and the like.

The auditorium was bursting with energy. The juniors were welcomed by scary faces with marks and sprinkled with the fragrance of the devils near the ‘gate of the dead’ which the entrance was decorated as. Creepy though it looked and sounded like, everyone seemed to be having a gala time in their costumes. It was a sight to watch as a few let out startled screams while the others just laughed it off.

The programme was kickstarted by two senior students, Sindhuja who was dressed as a witch and Asha who was dressed as a zombie along with Shubhkarna, who was a Dracula. They played their part perfectly by making eerie modulations in their voices which was enough to send a shiver down the spine.

Interestingly enough, the lecturers too did away with the speeches. The dean addressed the students in an innovative gothic style. After this, everything was left to the students. The day started off with an innovative ice-breaker session. This was not like the usual one. The students were supposed to come in front and introduce themselves in a creative way.

They had to explain their costume and introduce themselves in such a way that explained what sin they had committed to enter this gothic hell. This turned out to be a very interactive round as the freshers came up with creative answers. This was followed by an activity of musical chair. Improvising on this concept, the game was held in such a way that the students were made to run backwards.

There were various other fun games conducted like ‘witch’s treasure hunt’ and ‘monster dance’. The students were even given a chance to show off their creative costumes in the fashion show.  At the end of this, two students Atul and Zerina were crowned as Mr Devil and Miss Devil respectively.

In keeping with the theme, the crowns were devil horns and a halloween pumpkin head. The event ended with a dance party and refreshments arranged and organised by the senior batch. The day ended on good note, with the new students, high on energy, looking forward to a fun year ahead.

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