Stunning creations in silk

Stunning creations in silk


The fashion show is part of the festival which started on July 15 and goes on till October 31. This was a show where married woman got to walk the ramp and showcase beautiful silk saris.

The festival, organised by the Silk Mark Organisation, was to highlight the richness of silk and the importance of silk in India and in women’s lives.

The goal of this show was to give married women a chance to explore their glamourous side and also highlight the beauty of genuine silk. They walked the ramp as chief guests and judges — actresses Haripriya, Sonu and Radhika Gandhi — looked on. The three stars themselves were draped in fantastic creations of beautiful pure silk.

The participants of the fashion show were put into three categories. The first category had six women who were 21-30 years of age. Each woman walked the ramp in stunning saris of various colours. Saris in white, red, green, pink teamed with blouses of contrasting colours were worn by the enthusiastic participants.

One participant even modelled in a beautiful sari draped in the Coorgi style. They accessorised their look with dazzling gold and pearl jewellery and striking hairstyles. The women displayed loads of attitude and enthusiasm.

The second category had six participants from the age group of 31-40. They modelled saris that were in stronger colours like blue, copper and green. Chunky jewellery with flowers in their hair completed the look. The variety of colours, designs and hues were endless as the women walked the ramp with grace and confidence.

The third category had five participants from the age group of 41-50. They displayed saris in black, white, rust and cream. The women walked the ramp while the audience cheered on enthusiastically. Though not professional models, the participants showed a lot of confidence, grace and attitude.

The judges then called out the draw for the participants for the next event. After this, the much-awaited section took place where in the winners for the day were announced. Supriya Roy, Sumana and Preeti Gautam were the winners from the first category. Punita Mukherjee, Anita and Soujanya were the winners from the second category while Gayatri Shreedhar, Shalini and Radha were the winners from the third category.

Shwetha, a member of the audience said, “It is such a great opportunity for these women and they have modelled such stunning saris. They did a very good job.