Tree parks planned to amuse and educate people

Tree parks planned to amuse and educate people

Speaking to Deccan Herald, sources in the Forest department in Mangalore said “the tree park will be a joint venture of the Forest department and Pilikula Nisargadhama. The total estimated cost of the project is Rs 1.5 crore. The proposal has already been submitted to the State government.”

“The objective is to develop parks on the lines of Bangalore’s Lalbagh in each district, which will not only be places for people’s amusement but will also help maintain the ecological balance,” said officials.

The Tree Park which will be developed in Pilikula will have ‘Ashoka vana,’ ‘Bamboo vana,’ ‘Pauranika vana,’ ‘Scientific park’ and ‘Medicinal park.’ It will come up in 100 acre land in Pilikula.

The official said “green fencing will be laid for seven kilometer as a part of the proposed project. The department is planning to grow 10,000 to 15,000 trees in the Tree Park. A sum of Rs 20 lakh has been earmarked for digging water percolation ponds, Rs six lakh for taking up soil conservation projects, Rs 15 lakh for water facilities and developing a nursery, Rs 60 lakh for laying paragola, children’s park, digging a pond, creating pathway, drinking water facilities and toilets.

Five unique parks will be developed at the cost of Rs 15 lakh. A sum of other Rs 15 lakh will be earmarked for lightings, employing sweepers, cleaners and laying dustbins, and Rs six lakh will be utilised for the setting up of a theme park, which will provide details on the need for creating environmental awareness, need for parks, trees and the unique feature of the Tree Park etc.”

The tree park will have medicinal plants and saplings of ‘Athi,’ ‘Arali,’ ‘Ashwatha,’ ‘Palasha’.

In Udupi

As the government wants to set up Tree Park in all the districts, the forest department in Udupi has identified land at 80-Badagubettu for the setting up of the Park.

Kundapur Division ACF Manjunath Shetty said: “The Government wants to create proper infrastructure in these parks to attract visitors and make them aware of the importance of conservation of forest.”

Tree park project is envisioned under the model of Lalbagh in Bangalore. The project is in its planning stage in Udupi and will be implemented on Public Private Partnership. About 117 hectare will be used for laying Tree Park. As the project is in its initial stage, only about 25 hectares of land will be covered with seedlings of local species like wild jack, ‘Ashoka,’ ‘Renjala,’ ‘Amla,’ ‘Billerica.’ All these seedlings are grown block wise separately with the idea of merging all together under a tree park. Besides, saplings of ‘Honne,’ ‘Honge,’ and ‘Dupa’ used for oil extraction will also be grown to support the concept of Bio-fuel Park, Shetty informed.