Once upon a time in M G Road

Last Updated : 24 October 2011, 08:16 IST
Last Updated : 24 October 2011, 08:16 IST

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Deccan Herald has put together a photo gallery to recall the fascinating story of this road. Please click on the following links to view the photos on Facebook. We invite you to 'Like' Deccan Herald's Facebook page and follow  the exciting stories and photos we will be posting there.

Links to more photos on facebook

Part 1: MG Road Once Upon a Time
Black and White photos of an era we barely remember now.

Part 2: MG Road Before the Metro
The lush green promenade, thin traffic and old-world shopping outlets, which made M G Road the place to head to in the past.

Part 3: Metro Under Construction
The metro work begins...But before the train can roll, the earth has to be moved, dust raised and chaos unleashed.

Part 4: Silence of the lambs

Along with road widening exercises, metro emerged as a major uprooter of the city's trees. Many people protested, but this march of 'progress' was irreversible. Bangalore is a Garden City no more.

Part 5: Trial run
After several habitually missed deadlines, metro trial run finally begins.

Part 6: Preparing for the launch
The launch date gets  close and the metro station at M G road sparkles like a new bride. New Year came early to M G Road this year.

Part 7: Inside Metro
How the station looks from inside..

 (If you do not have a Facenook account, you can see these pictures on our photo gallery as well. http://www.deccanherald.com/photo_gallery.php?album_type=979)

Published 19 October 2011, 12:59 IST

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