Digvijay wonders why his statements trigger controversies

Digvijay wonders why his statements trigger controversies

"I know I have never made a wrong, false or untruthful statement in my whole life. It is hard to understand why my statements lead to so much avoidable controversies," Singh said.

The former chief minister said he was aware that there were a lot of hate messages directed at him on social networking sites like the Facebook but stated that these come mostly from people who have only read about him but never met him and thus do not know the truth about him.

Singh said he began getting the image of a controversial person soon after he made a statement that the police officer Hemant Karkare who died in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks had spoken to him over phone sometime before he became a martyr.

This statement attracted many reactions with some even saying why should Karkare talk to him, Singh recalled.

He said he later produced phone records "conclusively proving that he had spoken to Karkare before the latter's death and that neither was he telling a lie nor had he made the statement with any ulterior motive".

The Congress General Secretary stated many people do not like the way he speaks out against the BJP and the RSS outfits, "but I have said nothing but the truth".

Singh said he has always maintained that Yoga guru Ramdev was "not a saint but a businessman" and there was nothing wrong in saying this as Baba runs a number of firms and charges money from those whom he teaches Yoga.

"I have never seen in my life any saint who even faintly resembles Baba Ramdev," he said.

On Anna Hazare was concerned, Singh said he held him in high respect "but those surrounding Anna were of doubtful nature and this applies to people like Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal against whom a lot is known."