'I'm not a glam doll and can't be one'

'I'm not a glam doll and can't be one'

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'I'm not a glam doll and can't be one'

Confident: Sandhya Mridul

With the release of Love Breakups Zindagi (LBZ), Sandhya re-entered the industry as the new casting director of B-Town.

Ask her about it, and she says that it was after seeing how talent was being wasted in the industry that she decided to take it up.

“There are so many artistes in this industry who still haven’t received their due. Either they are stuck being stereotyped or simply don’t get the right kind of break. I too have been a victim of this trend. That’s why when I was asked to cast for LBZ, I took it up with open arms.

Now I am excited about my new role as a casting director,” says Sandhya, who was in the City recently to act in a play.

But while casting for the movie, the actress was not once tempted to cast herself in any of the roles. “In fact, the director had offered me Tisca’s (Chopra) role in the film. But I felt that I was not right for the part. I would never take advantage of my position for my benefit. I will cast myself only when the role is something that I can carry off not for the sake of it,” she says.

Sandhya, who was recently seen in John Abraham-starrer ‘Force’, says that strong, women-oriented roles are hardly written in Bollywood. And that is why she is rarely seen in movies.

“There is no scope for strong women-oriented roles. I am not a glam doll and can't be one. I like my acting, and that is the reason I will never compromise on anything and settle only for what I enjoy doing. If that means I have to wait, then I am ready for that,” she sums up.