BSY release may set cat among pigeons

He is likely to become more assertive, create problems for BJP if demands not fulfilled
Last Updated 08 November 2011, 19:02 IST

While Yeddyurappa and his supporters are once again bound to assert their supremacy in the party, the anti-Yeddyurappa group is on tenterhooks not knowing his next move.
The big question before the the party is whether Yeddyurappa will split the party in case the central leadership fails to give him primacy. One can only keep guessing till Yeddyurappa gets into action.

Yeddyurappa, known for his restlessness and assertiveness, will definitely be seeking to play a prime role, irrespective of the cases pending before the Lokayukta court and the CBI.

There are some more cases pending before the Lokayukta court and the CBI  has already begun investigation into illegal mining in Karnataka. Keeping these in mind, Yeddyurappa may not ask Sadananda Gowda to step down to make way for him. But, he will renew his demand for the post of the State Party President, so that he can lead the party in the next Assembly polls, which was not conceded by the party in the past. On Tuesday too, State Party President K S Eshwarappa said the party would face the next elections under a collective leadership.

Even Sadananda Gowda announced in Delhi that he would quit the post of chief minister in case the party asks him to do so. Yeddyurappa, when he was forced to tender his resignation in July this year, had declared that he would return to the post soon.

The party’s national leader L K Advani had minced no words, when he repeatedly said the party had zero tolerance for corruption. He had also said the party was not regretting making Yeddyurappa resign as chief minister.

Yeddyurappa, soon after his resignation, wanted to go on a State-wide tour, which was not allowed by the central leaders. Now, he may fulfil his desire by going on a whirlwind tour to prove that he is still in command.

The members of the anti-Yeddyurappa camp remain tight-lipped. They are sure that Yeddyurappa will demand his pound of flesh - allowing him to lead the party, if not getting back the chief minister’s gaddi. If the party high command sticks to its decision of penalising corrupt partymen, then it may not heed Yeddyurappa’s demand. But the question is whether it will buckle under pressure, in case he decides to quit the party or split it by claiming the party symbol.

Numbers game

There is no count of the MLAs who will stand by Yeddyurappa, in case he decides to quit the party.

One guess is that at least 63 MLAs will support Yeddyurappa, as that many MLAs had voted against Jagadish Shettar when he had locked horns with Sadananda Gowda for election to the post of legislature party leader.

Shettar had secured 55 votes. But, in case Yeddyurappa decides to stake claim to form the government, he may have the support of at least 80 MLAs.

But MLAs in the Yeddyurappa camp may not dare to become members of a separate group led by Yeddyurappa. They may like to remain in the party and bargain for more importance for him, it is said. Yeddyurappa, no doubt, is upset and agitated that the central leaders did not stand by him during the critical period. He is also aware that till he is absolved of the various charges he is facing, the party may not give him any

Sources said that it was left to the Delhi leaders to decide the fate of the party in the State. In case they decide to remain firm on their decision to cleanse the party and ignore Yeddyurappa, the government may become shaky, it is said. 


I will not comment or pass remarks on anybody.  I am indebted to the people for their support and party workers who prayed for me during the last few days, many of whom did not even celebrate Deepavali. I have the highest respect for the judiciary.

Former CM B S Yeddyurappa, (his initial reaction after being released on bail.)

I have known Yeddyurappa for the last three decades. I am overjoyed at Yeddyurappa being granted bail and am confident that he will prove his innocence.  He is one of the front-ranking leaders of the party. We will fight the coming Bellary byelection under collective leadership. All of us, including Yeddyurappa, will campaign for the bypoll.

K S Eshwarappa,
BJP State President

Yeddyurappa is a people’s man and should have been with the people. But, he landed in prison due to political conspiracy. He is the undisputed leader of the party and will emerge unblemished from the charges against him. He is the victim of a conspiracy hatched by the Governor, Lokayukta and the Opposition parties.

M P Renukacharya,
Excise Minister

By the grace of God and prayers of the people, Yeddyurappa is back in public life. His budgets have directly benefited more than three crore people. I am confident that he will come out clean from all the charges foisted on him, in the next couple of months.

B Y Raghavendra,

Yeddyurappa’s son and MP

(Published 08 November 2011, 06:18 IST)

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