Don't panic, say parents of survivors

Don't panic, say parents of survivors

Dhanya with her son Bharat, who has recovered from H1N1, at the interaction programme in Bangalore on Tuesday.

Dhanya, whose eleven year old son, Bharat was infected with the virus, said that the panic amongst people had led to a situation, where the really needy ones were not able to get themselves tested. She said that even if a person tested positive there was no need to panic.

Another parent Clarence D’Souza whose 15 year old daughter was infected said “It is necessary to be cool headed about this and take things calmly.”

One man narrated how he had to look after his two children and his wife who were infected with the H1N1 flu , but he himself was not afflicted at any point.

The programme was attended by Health Minister B Sriramulu, BBMP Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena and all the officials of the Health Department. Meena said that the entire city and all the agencies were geared up to fight this common enemy and there would be no blame game about who had to handle the situation. Minister Sriramulu said the Government was attempting to get children tested for free in 46,000 schools. He suggested the use of private doctors  if there was a shortage of doctors in government hospitals.