Danger lurking under water

Danger lurking under water


Danger lurking under water

With Christmas and semester vacations around the corner, youngsters in the City are chalking out exciting and adventurous holiday plans.

They have plenty of recreational activities like hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, kayaking, camping and fishing to choose from. In the State, there are many coastal areas and places like Shimoga, Karwar and Chikamagalur that youngsters like going to. Even the neighbouring states of Maharashtra, Goa and Kerala have a lot of scope for adventure tourism.

However, every year, a lot of deaths are reported from such places too. A number of times, these deaths occur due to the negligence of the victims. Many youngsters get carried away by the beauty of a picturesque spot and tend to overlook safety issues.

“Of late, the idea of holidays has shifted to quality-of-life experiences and sports-related trips. Every year, I too go on recreational trips with my friends to waterfalls, beaches, mountains and hill stations. We engage in adventure sports. But we never cross our limits and always take the help of local guides who are experts in rescue operations. When I hear about cases of drowning, I feel very sad,” says Anirudh Kallur, a software engineer.

While some youngsters visit such places taking all the necessary precautions, many go on a holiday with no prior knowledge of the spot they are going to and the dangers involved.

“Beaches, falls and mountains appear picturesque but once you get there, the rocks might be slippery and the water might suddenly go deep. So one should take utmost care. I think some youngsters are unable to control their excitement and start showing off their heroic skills in front of others and this results in a tragedy. Also, when youngsters go on such trips with their friends, they should keep their local guardians informed about their activities. In many tourist spots, the authorities have put instructions warning people not to climb the retaining wall, metal railings or go beyond a certain point. Most youngsters fail to heed warnings about safety concerns, which should not be the case,” says Prathyay Bhandarkar, another software professional who loves nature and adventure.

So if you are planning to go on any sort of adventure trip, make sure that all your team members are committed to follow safety instructions and equipped with appropriate safety gear.

“As part of the ‘BNM Nature Club’, every year we go on excursions with nearly 60 students. Before taking students to the spot, we examine the place. We make it mandatory for all the students to wear life jackets and use airtight tubes during water sports. We encourage students to go for river rafting, kayaking and diving. But we make sure at least two local guides are present for supervision. If we say ‘no’ to a particular activity, a student has to obey.

A person might be a good swimmer but he or she may not be trained to deal with sudden rainstorms and deadly whirlpools which are common in natural water bodies. So it is better to contact clubs which are dedicated to such activities and take part in trips organised by them,” says Shesha Prasad, a professor who has coordinated many nature excursions over the last few years.
There is no better way to rejuvenate yourself than to enjoy nature.  There is nothing like rafting down the rapid currents of a river. But make the most of nature and enjoy your holidays without forgetting about your personal safety.