India submits CWG legacy report to CGF

India submits CWG legacy report to CGF

The legacy report of the mega sporting held here between October 3-14 last year was submitted by the CWG Organising Committee Chief Executive officer and Chairman Jarnail Singh.

"We have submitted 'Delhi 2010 Post Games Report' to the CGF on November nine," Singh told PTI.

He said that the members of the 71-member CGF appreciated the conduct of the Games in the national capital.

The 171-page report provides a summary of the planning and execution endeavours that went into holding the largest multi-sport maiden event hosted by India.
However, it does not carry detail of scams and financial irregularities allegedly involving jailed former OC chairman Suresh Kalmadi and Secretary General Lalit Bhanot.

"It is an internal matter. Why should it be discussed," Singh said without elaborating when asked whether the issues related to financial irregularities came up during the meeting at the Caribbean Islands.

The names of Kalmadi and Bhanot among others figured in the report as part of the 19-member Executive Board set up for the Games.

The report, a copy of which is with PTI, has suggested that accounts and finance should be handled by professionally qualified people of high integrity, implying that the OC accounts for the 2010 Games could have been better managed.

As per the host city contract, India was to give a detailed report in both print and electronic format to the CGF of all activities related to the sporting extravaganza and on how to improve conduct of such events in future.

"We have completed all our obligation under the host city contract. The CGF expressed happiness over our efforts," the OC chief said.

The CGF is an association of independent sovereign states spread over the globe and responsible for direction and control of the Commonwealth Games held once in every four years.

"The XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi can be credited with having further accelerated Delhi's development into a world class city.

"New stadia, world class urban development, thousands of experienced and motivated youth, a growth in environmental awareness and sporting interest,the introduction of high definition television broadcasts,a glittering new airport, and overall, a vindication that the nation is truly on the road to development and prosperity!," the report said.

The 12-day sporting event was marred by the series of financial and managerial irregularities by different government departments.

CBI has arrested Kalmadi and Bhanot among others for their alleged involvement in irregularities in executing Games related works. Besides CBI, other agencies like Central Vigilance Commission, Income Tax department and Enforcement Directorate are also investigating Games related irregularities.