Creativity at every stage

Creativity at every stage

Management fest

Style quotient: The fashion show in progress.

More than 18 colleges and 21 teams participated from across the country in the two-day fest, that gave students an opportunity to showcase their managerial skills and test their business acumen.

Day one, kickstarted with events like ‘Best manager’ that had an aptitude test and group discussion round; the finance event was divided into finance quiz, presentation on the ‘Domino effect of debt crisis and Indian Capital Market’ and a presentation on ‘investment decision’; the human resources round had a session on innovative HR practices and then there was product presentation. The logo design round required the students to form a logo conceptualisation and redesign of logos.

Day two had various events such as entrepreneur round that had screening of a business plan, power presentation round, best manager  – again had a stress interview and there was also a strategy round. The two-day fest concluded with a fashion show where the ten participating teams were asked to get creative around the theme of a ‘business tea party’.

The students say such fests not only provide them with an opportunity to explore and showcase their creativity but also gave them the confidence to face the world, an environment outside of the college campus. The fest was designed, conceptualised and managed by the students who also went out and pitched for sponsors for the fest. The faculty provided the guidance and support.
Prof T Balachander, director management programmes says that the students are given an opportunity to interact with the top shots in the industry during the fest. “The advantage of such fests is that the students are given the full responsibility of conceiving, organising and executing the programmes. Things around the college are managed in a corporate way where the students are treated like adults. Business houses have opened up to the idea of sponsoring and supporting college fests,” says Balachander.

The student committee that planned, organised and put together the fest says that nothing can match the experience that it got during the fest. “It was hard work all the way.

Convincing the sponsors to part with their money was a challenge in itself. We had to make presentations and impress them. It was a great learning experience for the final year students as they will be stepping into a job pretty soon,” says Allwyn Job, a second year MBA student of CMR.

Tijo Titus, another MBA student of CMR says that getting into the details of the fest was a tough task. “We exchange a lot of numbers and widen our contacts during such fests. There’s room for greater interaction and we know how business analysts and experts interact with the students,” says Tijo.
Hina Sethi and Saurabh, both final year MBA students of Presidency College, were impressed with the way the whole fest was managed. “The events really tested our intelligence and provoked us to go beyond the mundane. Some of the rounds were really challenging and tough. The students have made an effort to organise something unique and different,” says Hina.