Dog that attacked kids was rabid

Dog that attacked kids was rabid

Drive to re-vaccinate strays will begin on Thursday

Confirming the report BBMP Joint Director, Animal Husbandry Dr Parvez Ahmad Piran said it was the first case of rabies reported since April 2011.

“As the dog was infected with rabies, a ring vaccination drive will be conducted within 500 metres of the area, where all the strays will be re-vaccinated. The drive will begin Thursday,” he said.

The dog, which was killed, was diagnosed with rabies in its initial stages. Moreover, there is a need to find if the rabid dog had bitten any other dog in the area, he added.
On Wednesday, Dr Suresh, a veterinarian with the Palike from Dasarahalli Zone, started the anti-rabies vaccination (ARV) and animal birth control (ABC) programmes in and around Chokkkasandra.

Loses control over senses
A dog contracts rabies after being bitten by a rabid dog, wherein it loses control over its senses and travels long distances attacking people with the slightest provocation, he added.

Shivakumar (5) and Manjunath (3) who suffered severe injuries from the dog bite were admitted to the Victoria Hospital and later transferred to the Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS).

 Every month the hospital receives more than 150 dog bite cases including those from the outskirts of the City, said sources in KIMS. Though many rabid dogs prowl around the City, it is tough to identify them, said Dr Suresh.

Since 2007, over 15 patients, who suffered dog bites, have tested positive for rabies. The Palike will administer immunoglobulins even to those who have suffered minor injuries in dog attack cases, said Dr Piran.

Victoria lacks immunoglobulins
BBMP officials are unaware that immunoglobulins - (an antibody administered to neutralise foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses in the body) were not available in Victoria Hospital.

The boys, who were severely attacked by the dog, were referred to the Victoria Hospital only to be transferred to KIMS later, where they were administered Immunoglobulins. However, Dr Piran said Immunoglobulins are available at all BBMP referral hospitals for free.