A green advantage for your doors

A green advantage for your doors

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Impressive The collection of doors at the Door Store on Sheshadri Iyer road in Mysore.DH photos by Prashanth H G Petite Jaya Bhaduri opening the huge decorative door for super star Shah Rukh Khan in the bollywood hit film Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham left the viewers awe-struck to see magnificent door that are usually seen in palaces and forts and the later half of the story giving importance to designer doors, which are in vogue now.

Owning a beautiful home is everyone’s dream and desire. Once you decide to have a roof of your own, it is important to plan the doors as the immediate appreciation you get is from the furniture and quality doors that can overall look appealing,  and add value for taste.

There was time a decade ago to boast about your door  made out of wood brought exclusively from Burma and other parts of the country.  The carpenters made big promises out of them and eventually taking a long time and gobbling up extra money. This is a thing of past as designer doors have flooded the market, making it easier for the builder and giving a pleasant surprise to the customer as they get a treated designer door for a much lesser price with a lot of choices.  

Speaking to City Herald, Tanveer, who has an exclusive shop for designer doors ‘Door Store’ on Seshadri Iyer road in Mysore said, designer doors are finding more popularity than the conventional ones in the last decade. These moulded doors have major advantage of appearing aesthetic and most importantly they are environmental friendly as they consume less wood thus conserve forest and green cover.

These doors are fungus resistant, has a strong face on both sides thus making them suitable for all weather conditions. The normal complaints like cracking, change of shape that is observed on traditional doors cannot happen with moulded doors. From wood treatment to final product, quality control checks at all stages of manufacturing result in the production of class product that makes your home beautiful and secure for years to come.

There are also designer veneered flush doors which give a clean, contemporary look for interior spaces at a great value and a practical choice as bonded with synthetic phenol resin makes every door water resistant, best suited for even extreme conditions. They are all chemically treated and termite resistant. There are a wide range of doors like veneered composite doors, moulded panel doors, solid wood doors, designer flush doors and a lot more from branded companies. The price range is also impressive as it starts from Rs 2,000 to Rs 2 lakh and is affordable to all sectors. You can choose from the carved ornamental doors to elegant designer doors, that suits your pocket.