No sign of exhaustion

No sign of exhaustion

Sleepless Hours

Rigorous: One of the tasks.

If you are a reality TV buff and cannot get enough of watching people slurping up a concoction of maggots and beetles or revealing to the whole world their deepest darkest secrets, all for a chance to win some mega bucks and their 15 minutes of fame on television then you might want to tune in to Channel V’s latest offering Exhausted.

Rebranding themselves as Bl**dy Cool V (assuming that youth will instantly be attracted to the foul language), the channel wants to give Bangaloreans a taste of what it must feel like to go without sleep for days on end.

Never mind promoting healthy eating and sleeping habits, the six shortlisted contestants were put through a series of contests as well as games of skill and endurance that tested their abilities to survive and perform these challenges without the benefits of sleep.

Vishwas, a second year student from Jain College emerged victorious ousting the other five contestants and winning the prize money of Rs 25,000.

“It is a great moment for me. I am on a high right now and feel on top of the world.

I'm going home to eat a giant meal as I have also opted to starve myself for the last 30 hours to raise the bar of the competition,” he said triumphantly brandishing his giant cheque. “My parents were behind me encouraging and  supporting me whole heartedly,” he added.

“For the first 24 hours the contestants were incarcerated in a moving house canter and fitted with nap zappers, devices that give you a mild shock if you happen to doze off inadvertently. Keeping them on their toes, giving them various physical and mental tasks to perform under the watchful eye of the Channel V staff, the group moved the scene of their action to ten different colleges in the City ending up at Mount Carmel College for the culmination of the contest. Vishwas has been declared the winner and he was enthusiastic enough to go not just without sleep but also without food for almost 30 hours making him the undisputed champion of Channel V’s Exhausted,” said one of the organisers.

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