Magic on canvas

Magic on canvas

Kerala Mural Magic, the latest work of Prince Thonnakkal is on display at Renaissance Gallerie till August 29.

Prince’s mural paintings are inspired by the Hindu mythology. Some contemporary paintings are also on show.

The artist has visualised modern people, materialistic things and those that grab his attention. He then gives shape to them in the form of murals.

He has based the murals on Pancha Varnas and on the exact measurements which should be used when doing mural paintings. Prince has been painting for the last 15 years. He uses colours which are often prepared from natural materials like terra verte, red ochre, chalk, and yellow-ochre.

What began as a hobby, slowly transformed into a profession for Prince.
He is into ‘releef work’ which is done on fibre and cement which are thick and camouflaged well. 

Prince Thonnakkal says, “The base of the Indian system of murals is found in texts or treatises like Chitrasootram in Vishnudharmotharam, Someswara’s Abhilasha Chintamani, Manasollasa, Naradashilpashastra, Kashyapashilpa, Bhoja’s Samaranganasootradhara and Sreekumara’s Shilparatna. My works have managed to release murals from the bondage of past and has made it relevant in present.”

Murals are man’s etchings on the walls of history that is how they have been existing in Ajanta caves, in temples and churches it has always existed on the walls and Prince has replicated and experimented on them. He later slapped these murals on canvas.

    Saritha, a visitor said, “The paintings are unique. They have a different effect and set a new trend. The ‘releef work’ has a rich ethnic look and adds colour to wherever it is put up.”

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