Seers on 'fast' lane over paryaya

Seers on 'fast' lane over paryaya

Pejawar mutt seer asks Puttige seer not to make denial of invitation an issue

Pejawar mutt seer Vishweshateertha Swami has appealed to Puttige mutt seer Sugunendrateertha Swami to drop his proposed fast over the denial of invitation by the incoming Sode mutt seer Vishwavallabhateertha Swami to the Paryaya Darbar to be held on January 18.

Speaking to mediapersons on Monday, the Pejawar seer said that the issue of denial of invitation was not new and should not be turned into a big controversy.

He said: “The decision of Puttige seer to go on fast on January 17 and 18 and allegations made against me have hurt me. So, I have decided to go on fast. When the Puttige seer has taken the decision to go on fast, it is unwise on my part to take food during the period. So I will go on fast in my mutt from midnight today (Monday) till noon on January 18,” he added.

Reacting to the allegations made by the Puttige seer on Sunday evening suspecting his efforts in bringing about a cordial solution to the invitation row, the Pejawar seer said he had wholeheartedly committed himself to patch up the differences.

“Whatever Puttige seer has said against me is totally wrong and I have done justice to my job. I cannot bring any sort of pressure on the seers and all seers have the freedom to take their own decisions”.
Quoting previous instances, Pejawar seer said that not extending the invitation was not new. The first ever instance was of the Paryaya of Vishwapriyateertha Swami who was a great scholar and well-known as Vrindavanacharya. He was the pontiff of Sode Vadiraja Mutt and had differences with all other Swamis of seven mutts. He had conducted his Paryaya all alone without inviting any other Ashta Mutt Swamis. The seer said that denial of invitation or not attending the Paryaya festival did not mean breaking the tradition.

“Back in 2008, several conditions were laid down by all other seers before Puttige seer, to approve his accession to the Paryaya Peetha. As the Puttige seer followed some of the conditions, including performing pooja without touching the idol of Krishna during his Paryaya period, I supported him and participated in several programmes organised by the Puttige seer during his Paryaya. However, some of the swamis of the Ashta mutts are opposing, as the Puttige seer failed to agree to the conditions in writing, he added.

Paryaya Shiroor mutt seer Lauxmivarateertha Swami said the self-pride of the seers involved in the controversy of not inviting Sugunendrateertha Swami to the Paryaya Darbar is creating obstruction in the process of amicable solution to the problem.
He said taking up hunger protest yields no better outcome. Some sort of solution is possible only when the seers give up their egoism and sort out the issue amicably.
There are possibilities of Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda taking up the issue with the seers.

Meanwhile, Sugunendrateertha Swami expressed his apology for his rude remarks against the Pejawar seer.

He said: “I am satisfied that Pejawar seer has come out with the idea of hunger protest in support of me. I might have accused him for not playing active role. However, I have said everything with due respect to him,” he added.

“I have decided to fast only for the sake of unity among the seers of Ashta mutts,” he said.