Chinese stir-fry replaces chicken tikka masala as Britain's top dish

Chinese stir-fry replaces chicken tikka masala as Britain's top dish

Chinese stir-fry has now replaced chicken tikka masala as Britain's favourite dish, a new survey has revealed.

The simplistic Cantonese dish, typically full of fresh vegetables and noodles, is now the most frequently cooked meal in Britain, the Daily Mail reported Saturday.

One in five Britons now have it at least once a week, with over two-thirds saying a large part of its appeal is that its far easier to prepare than traditional British cuisine, with the average stir-fry only taking a few minutes to throw together and cook in a wok.

Asian food has become increasingly popular in Britain and is now a part of the nation's staple diet as families opt for international cuisine over British dishes three out of seven nights of the week. Nine out of 10 of Britons' favourite international meals are Asian.
The study, carried out by Food Network UK, also found that sushi and noodles are now cooked as regularly as spaghetti and potatoes. Having become accustomed to exotic spices, half of Britons also say traditional British dishes such as cottage pie, sausages and mash, and fish and chips are simply too dull.

Over a quarter of us now eat more Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine than we did 10 years ago. And the survey suggests it is a trend which is likely to grow, with a third of parents admitting their children are more adventurous and open to trying new foods than they are, the Mail said.

Nick Thorogood, managing director of Food Network EMEA, said: "Our research shows British palettes have changed and we now have a penchant for exotic tastes across the globe."

"It would have been unheard of for a typical family to tuck in to regular evening meals originating from Thailand or Japan a decade or so ago. But now it is considered normal to be swapping a Cottage Pie for a Thai Green Curry," the newspaper quoted Thorogood as saying.