Heat over cold water bath

Heat over cold water bath

A civic agency’s tableau that showed a child bathing under a cold water tap despite the winter chill during the Republic Day parade in the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh has created a furore.

With social activists fuming over the incident, the Dewas mayor has promised action against the officials concerned.


“The incident is not only an outcome of insensitivity towards children but also disrespect for law,” social activist Ajay Dubey said.

The Republic Day parade tableau of Dewas Municipal Corporation had a theme linked to water.  It depicted a person opening the tap of a water tank and an eight-year-old child taking bath under it.

A few photo-journalists noticed the plight of the child chosen to be the model. He was stripped to the waist and was shivering in the winter chill while taking bath under the tap.

The photojournalists  asked the authorities to save him from further trouble and to take him off from this live demonstration of the civic body’s ample water supply.

Dewas District Collector Mukesh Chandra Gupta, who is believed to have attended the parade, could not be contacted.  Dewas Mayor Rekha Verma claimed that she was not present on the occasion but action would be taken against the guilty.

“Through the tableau we wanted to give a message to people that there would be no water scarcity but I have no idea that a child was made to bathe under the tap. We will surely take action against the officials concerned,” said the mayor.

Dewas is 150 km away from state capital Bhopal.